Jennifer Doyle

Manager of Building Inspection Programs

Jenny serves as the Florida state manager for all residential builder inspector programs for E3 Building Sciences. Inspections highlight areas for durability, waterproofing, drainage plane, lath and stucco application, framing, mechanical, electrical and plumbing in addition to post construction exterior inspections.

She is currently serving in her LEED Green Rater mentorship with E3 Building Sciences.  

Jenny holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design in which she developed a passion for sustainability practices and a focus for optimizing performance details in architecture.  

Prior to serving on the E3 Building Sciences Team she also traveled extensively with a career in aviation and was co-owner of a small transportation and utility services company.  She was able to enjoy living in 5 US states and travel to multiple countries expanding her deep appreciation for different cultures, food, art, architecture and eco-tourism.  She truly believes one’s mind is opened when burgeoning out of their comfort zone in all areas of life.