Diana Giraldo


Diana is the Director at E3 Building Sciences and is passionate about the company’s work as it impacts livability, sustainability for sensible real estate development, performance, best green construction practices/certifications, and building performance; a passion she has been practicing since her college days.

Diana Giraldo is also the current President and Co-founder of Streets Alive of SWFL (501c3). Her experience includes community development, project planning and development, public policy and private/public partnerships.

Diana is native of Colombia, South America where she grew up prior to relocating to the United States in 1999. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Urban Design, a Master’s of Science in Management and has over 20 years of experience in the public and private sector. She holds certifications as a Building Official, Building Inspector, Plans Examiner, Stormwater Management Inspector, LEED AP, and NGBS Project Manager. Best practices in public housing green building U.S. Dept. of Energy Leadership in Construction of Energy Efficient Affordable Housing-FSEC

Volunteering is one of Diana’s way to fulfill a deep desire for community wellbeing and to pay it forward in the land where all is possible; a way to learn the perspective of others, their story, their passion, and with this in mind a way to connect the dots to make our communities the best they could be.

Diana is a former candidate for City of Fort Myers City Council Ward 6.