Design & Engineering


Many projects are designed to the National Electrical Code minimum requirements and some designers consider that an adequate standard. While safety is paramount in the design of any electrical system standard, the reality is that projects designed to minimum code standards are just that – minimum systems. It is our experience that a significantly better product can be provided to the ultimate user without a significant increase in cost.  Incorporating an E3 design into your project insures that the job will be done right. We provide a comprehensive electrical spec and plans tailored to your clients’ current needs, with room to adapt and grow tomorrow.


Properly designed heating and air conditioning systems should provide a clean, comfortable environment. HVAC system design should have several objectives: (1) occupant comfort (2) low operational (energy) costs, and (3) healthy and consistent air quality. The heating and cooling requirements are obviously very different between the Arizona desert, the mountains of Colorado or the south Florida coast – and, so is HVAC system design. Using sophisticated computer modeling we provide system sizing and performance specifications specifically tailored to your home and your climate.


The technology of plumbing has changed subtly in the last 100 years. New, more cost effective materials have been introduced but little thought has been given to the specifics by the average designer.  E3 will specify a cost effective plumbing system that will be done correctly.

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing)

Our MEP Design Services are incidental and related to each of the above-described services.